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rosa mexican kitchen

When I asked Ruiz about his food, he smiled and said, “We use quality ingredients; ribeyes for the tacos, mahi-mahi for the fish dishes, and farm-fresh vegetables for the salsas, and pico de gallo.”

Ruiz started cooking at 15 while living in Alaska with his dad. His dad was a cook at a local restaurant and Edgar started joining him at 13 to wash dishes; he was happy because he got paid! After two years, Edgar jumped into the fray and started as most first-timers in a professional kitchen do, peeling and chopping onions, tomatoes, etc. Fast forward 20 years and Roxborough has a new Mexican restaurant.

Rosa Mexican Kitchen isn’t Ruiz’s first rodeo, actually, it’s his fourth and if we’re counting, between his dad, sisters, and brother-in-law, it’s about their 25th restaurant. In fact, Ruiz and his brother-in-law are opening a second Rosa Mexican Kitchen in three months up in Thornton, so it’s technically the 26th restaurant coming soon for the Ruiz family. 





We absolutely love Rosa Mexican Kitchen. Everything is excellent. It has the convenience of takeout with the quality of a high end restaurant. So glad we have this gem here in Roxborough! 😃

– Noelle McAdams

Very good food. Heading there again this morning for their excellent BFast burrito

– Gregg Johnson


The food was amazing, all of the sauces truly gave my mouth a party. Being all over the country and trying Mexican food, this is one of the best spots. I look forward to going again.

– Mike Watt


Love it!!! Everything we get is amazing and the service is awesome! Favorite is definitely the carnitas. 

– Katrina Abel





Rosa Mexican Kitchen
8355 N Rampart Range Rd 109
Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 537-4891